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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Downtown Crossing?

Downtown Crossing is the expansion of New Haven’s city center.

It is the connecting link between the medical district at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Union Station, the Hill neighborhood and Downtown New Haven. The project will expand the city’s footprint by taking back land now used as a highway, generate jobs and grow the tax base. Downtown Crossing will make for a more livable center city with safer streets to walk, bike and drive.

2. Why is Downtown Crossing important?

Simply stated, the Downtown Crossing project is vital to the future of a thriving New Haven.

Nationally New Haven is on the cutting edge in biotech and medical research and is poised to continue to attract the world’s leading minds. Reclaimed land at Downtown Crossing will allow expansion of this industry.

But, the Downtown Crossing project is more than just high technology job growth. It means thousands of ‘spin-off’ jobs and added business for the city’s business community, both small and large. Opportunities for new housing will add to the growing number of people who live in the City Center and walk or bike to work.

3. I commute into New Haven for work every day. How will this affect my commute?

It depends on how you get here, where you are going.

If you come into the city by Route 34 from the east, you will get off at Exit 1, Church St. as Exits 2 and 3 will be closed. Or, if you are going to the Air Rights Garage, there will be a direct road into the garage.

From the west, your commute will be very similar except that the on-ramp to Interstate 91 and 95 will be shifted from its current location to a new location just past the intersection of South Frontage Road with College Street.

More uniform “city” speeds, more easy to navigate streets and sidewalks, bike lanes, dedicated lanes for destinations, easy-to-follow signage, and below-grade parking will all add to improving the flow of traffic as well.

4. I use Route 34 to get to New Haven. How will this impact how I get into the city?

Exit 1 will be the primary entry point to Downtown New Haven. An improved intersection at Exit 1 will ease your transition to city streets. Whether you are going west, say to St. Raphael’s or Yale-New Haven Hospital, you will continue west along North Frontage Road. If you are heading to the New Haven Green, you will likely take a right and proceed north on Church Street. If you are going to Union Station, you will have the option of taking a left on Church Street and then a left on Union Avenue; or you may wish to stay on Interstate 95 to Exit 46 and access Union Station from the south.

5. I ride a bicycle and have to pass through the Route 34 Area. How does this project affect my ride?

When completed, the Downtown Crossing project will make your ride safer, more pleasant, and easier to navigate through this currently complex and unsafe area by providing dedicated bike facilities and signage on the main roads and connecting streets.

6. I use mass transit daily. Will Downtown Crossing impact transit at all?

The buses will still run, though route names may change as new streets are connected and some segments that are now one-way are opened up to traffic in two directions; shuttles to Union Station will continue. People who walk back and forth to the train station will find pedestrian routes more direct and inviting once Route 34 is gone and the New Haven’s streets are re-connected.