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Project Overview

Project Schedule and Status

Attendees find out more about the project at the November
16, 2010 Public Meeting.

The current study, which began in June 2010, includes preliminary design for the conversion of the Route 34 expressway from Union Avenue to Park Street into a network of city streets. A second phase of the study will address permitting, final design and construction phase services, and is scheduled to be completed by 2016. The overall project schedule calls for preliminary engineering to be completed in 2011 and final design in 2013, leading to construction in 2014 and opening of the completed roadway improvements in 2016.

In October, the City received a $16 million TIGER Grant award to support first phase infrastructure improvements, which will ready the first parcel of land for construction in 2011.

Additional documents pertaining to the study can be found at the Reports/Publications page.

Concept Development 2003 - 2005
Mayor's Meetings 2005 - 2008
Future of Route 34 Corridor Study (30 MB) 2007
Phase 1 (TIGER II Grant Awarded) Public Meetings 2010
Public Meetings 2010 - 2011
Environmental (NEPA) Documentation 2010 - 2011
Phase 1 Preliminary Design (TIGER II) 2011
Phase 1 Final Design (TIGER II) 2012
Phase 1 Construction (TIGER II) 2013 - 2014
Full Build Preliminary Design 2013
100 College Street Construction Begins 2013
100 College Street Opening 2015