Current Work

Currently in Construction

Downtown Crossing Phase 2 – Reconnecting Orange Street

When Phase 2 construction is completed in 2021, Orange Street will be reconnected across the former Rt. 34 highway, restoring access between Downtown New Haven, Union Station, and the Hill neighborhood. Phase 2 includes construction of Connecticut’s first protected intersection for bicyclists and pedestrians, street and landscape improvements, flood reduction measures, traffic calming, a new gateway to the City of New Haven, and will prime the area for economic development.

Construction schedule:

Spring 2019-Summer 2021

There are nine (9) construction stages.

Stages 1-5 (approximately the first year of construction) are not expected to cause significant traffic impacts. The first year of construction will:

  • Feature many small work areas
  • Create the space needed for construction of new intersection, while maintaining traffic flow
  • Include road widening to accommodate future traffic shifts due to construction

Stages 6-9 (the second year of construction) will include:

  • Larger, more intensive work areas
  • Potential for increased commuter impacts 

Minimizing Construction Impacts

Throughout construction, traffic routes into and out of the City, as well as around the construction area will be maintained.  

As shown in the animation below, traveling lanes will shift up and down to accommodate construction areas, but access into and out of the City is maintained.

The project team will:

  • Promote alternate routes to reduce traffic funneling into the construction area
  • Avoid lane closures during peak morning and afternoon commutes to the extent possible
  • Provide the public with advanced notice of traffic shifts, lane closures, and detours via emailed Project and Construction News alerts (sign up to receive alerts here)
  • Clearly mark detour routes and lanes shifts with on-street signage