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  • A Message From The Project Team: We acknowledge that this week’s traffic shift caused backups that frustrated and inconvenienced commuters. The Downtown Crossing project team has taken measures to alleviate these backups. Read More

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Public Meeting on Downtown Crossing Phase 2 Construction! May 23, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Canal Dock Boathouse. Click here for more information.


View presentation: Downtown Crossing: Phase 2 Orange Street Crossing Project & Construction Update 

The opening of the new Orange Street intersection across Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Frontage Road will create a significant change in the overall traffic pattern.

These changes include a new traffic signal and sharing the road with pedestrians and bicyclists.

Important information for all users of the intersection — drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists — is provided below.


  • Drivers exiting I-91 and I-95 to approach Downtown New Haven (Exit 1 from I-91 South and Exit 47 from I-95 North) will now encounter a new traffic signal at Orange Street.
  • Drivers are urged to pay attention to on-road signage, slow down, and stay safe! The new intersection and traffic signals are at a location that drivers are used to driving past without stopping.
  • Obey the speed limit. The speed limit on the exit ramps from both I-91 and I-95 is 30 MPH.
  • There are NO LEFT-HAND TURNS ALLOWED for drivers from any point in the intersection.



  • The new intersection and its traffic signals are designed for pedestrians and bicyclists, not only drivers! Drivers should be especially cognizant that they are utilizing a shared space along with pedestrians and bicyclists.Drivers should pay careful attention to on-road signage and obey the speed limit to keep all road users safe.
  • Drivers turning right onto Orange Street from South Frontage Road MUST YIELD to bicyclists going straight across Orange Street (see figure).


  • The intersection includes both pedestrian signals and bicycle signals. Pedestrians and bicyclists should heed the signals to stay safe.
  • When crossing the intersection in the north-south direction, it will take at least TWO CROSSWALK PHASES for pedestrians to fully cross Orange Street. In other words, pedestrians will need to use the ‘crosswalk’ button twice and pause on one of the pedestrian islands in between the first and second crosswalk phases.
  • 1st Crosswalk Phase: The first crosswalk phase will allow crossing from the sidewalk to one of the pedestrian islands.
  • 2nd Crosswalk Phase: The second crosswalk phase will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to move from the pedestrian island to the sidewalk on the other side of the intersection.

  • Pedestrians should NEVER try to beat the crosswalk signals. Instead, stop at one of the pedestrian islands and wait for the next crosswalk signal.

  • Bike lanes are one-way and marked with directional arrows. Bicyclists should follow the one-way directional arrows so that they can easily view the bike signals.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians are separated with their own paths around the intersection, with one exception. At the northern side of the intersection, bicyclists and pedestrians will use the same “shared raised crosswalk” to cross.